Ghandi, Jesus Says Shut Up / Fabrika Ouch
  • Image of Ghandi, Jesus Says Shut Up
  • Image of Ghandi, Jesus Says Shut Up

Original artwork from Brooklyn Art Collective Fabrika Ouch.

Original art from Fabrika Ouch art collective.
Silk-Screen Print & Spray Paint on NYC bike map. Dimensions are 35"X 24"

Dated and Signed by the Artist! This print will be available for a limited time and is a one-of-a-kind artwork. Although the images and colors are kept consistent and coincide with the pictures above, no two maps are exactly alike, hence giving each artwork a unique quality.

Perfect for framing!

Toys, Ouch, Jesus Says Shut Up


Folds up like a map and is shipped in a small envelope or rolled up in a tube without damaging the artwork.